History of Sigma Theta Tau

In 1955 Kampus Kubs was founded on Trinity's campus. In 1957, our name changed to what we all know today. In 1966, Sigma Theta Tau merged with Kappa Psi Omega. Susan McFarland was the first person to graduate Trinity with a 4.0 in 1966, and we are proud to call her a member of our sorority. We are extremely excited to celebrate our 65th anniversary in 2020!

Sigmas Today

Sigmas stand for Sincerity, Sisterhood, Friendship, Loyalty, & Honor. We uphold the Greek Pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Camaraderie, and Service.


Within our club, we are given the opportunity not only to build close friendships, but to maintain our own diversity. This focus encourages us to participate in many aspects of Trinity life and allows us to reach out to those beyond our sorority. We are proud to call Respite Care of San Antonio our philanthropy. We also participate enthusiastically in other campus events including Intramural Sports, Spotlight and much more.   


If you are interested in joining Sigma Theta Tau, please check out our Recruitment page. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact Lilly Oss or Madi Work.

Sponsors & Special Friends

We are so grateful for our sponsors and special friends and all that they do for our club!


  • Dr. John Hermann, Political Science (since fall 1996)

  • Dr. Richard Butler, Economics (since fall 2001)

  • Dr. Paul Myers, Computer Science (Special Friend)


Special Friends

       Mr. and Mrs. Tim Griesenbeck

  • Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dielman

  • Mrs. T.H. Sharp

  • Jim Krempel

  • Ron Scates

  • Mrs. Nancy Obzut 

  • Barbara Miller Byrd and Geary Byrd

  • Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Burns

  • Ted McDermond

  • Jeff Kearns 

  • Larry “Loop” Layman

  • Ethel Ackerman

  • Mrs. Yolanda Rusinko

  • David Young

  • The Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Judd