Sigma Theta Tau

A Trinity University Sorority since 1955

Welcome Back!! We're so excited to start the new school year with y'all!

Please contact our formal rush chairs, Angela Campbell and Ana Serrano with any rush questions. 

Standards Champion 

FALL 2018


NAC '19   

The New Active Class of 2019 was just introduced to the club! We are excited for all the amazing personalities and dedication they will bring to the club. Congratulations on making it through orientation! Thanks to everyone who helped with it, especially Mom & MZ!

The Ladies of Sigma Theta Tau voted late last semester to choose new executive members. Thank you to all the members who served last semester, here is the new executive council!
President: Chloe Campo

Vice President: Kathryn Holy

Secretary: Ashley Truong

Recruitment: Angela Campbell & Ana Serrano

Philanthropy: Allison Pettijohn and Isabella Schag

Judicial: Emily Bae

Treasurer: Julia Hyun

Orientation: Lydia Matteson

Many Years of Tradition

Sigma Theta Tau Sorority was established at Trinity University in 1955. We pride ourselves on our dedication to academics, our love for the San Antonio community, and the bonds of sisterhood. Explore the website to learn more about our sorority and the traditions that run deep! 

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